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Hi, this is my platform to write about different topics and put the idea in my readers mind. I try to take up unique topics. Feel free to comment, criticize and give suggestions for new topics or old one. I want to keep this platform as an interactive platform for knowledge and facts,fiction and words.

  • Kumbh Mela – Festival of Elixir
    Undisputedly billed as the largest cultural gathering in the world. Tagged as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. For centuries Kumbh Mela has been an attraction for travelers, pilgrims, saints, entrepreneurs, politicians. Altogether it is a largest festival in the world where devotees—saints and householders, rich and poor, old and young, naked and clothed, men and women—gatherContinue reading “Kumbh Mela – Festival of Elixir”
  • Beauty and it’s story
    ‘A thing of beauty joy forever ’   – John Keats The above lines simply mean beautiful things remain in our mind forever, beauty simply heals us at spiritual, intellectual and psychological level. Beauty has a soothing effect on us. But what is beauty? can we define beauty? Or beauty is a personal phenomenon, why areContinue reading “Beauty and it’s story”
  • The Hero’s JOURNEY
    By Brijraj Chauhan We all long for adventure! We all like the heroes and legends . As deep in human psyche lies a spirit for adventure ,doing something extraordinary. We all wanted to do something very different from ordinary in life ,we all have ambition to do the impossible. But sadly as we grow up,Continue reading “The Hero’s JOURNEY”
  • The Vedas
    Ever heard of the term Vedas? The ancient scriptures belonging to Hinduism or the devas, Indra, Agni & Som? They might seem insignificant now, but 3000 years ago, they were a big deal in India and Iran! This short article will explore the history and structure of the most authoritative scriptures in ancient Indian history.Continue reading “The Vedas”

“Keep a fire burning in you ,However small, however hidden “

– Conrac McCarthy

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